Thursday, December 1, 2011

Who will Co-Host LIVE with Kelly?

I've been a fan of Live with Regis and Kelly for years. I used to work from 10am -6pm so I had time to see the first few minutes of the show. I have to say those first few minutes put a smile on my face every morning!   Now as a stay at home mom, I was able to enjoy the entire show for about a month but, to my dismay Regis is leaving :-(

The person who is rumored to take over is Tony Danza, according to the Wendy Williams show. Yea I watch that show, it’s good for a hearty dose of gossip and drama. (How you do’in) Anyway, I think that the LIVE show needs someone who has a strong character, is funny and witty to co-host. Also, it’s important the new co-host brings out the best in Kelly b/c recently she has been disappointing. Kelly looks like she is trying too hard to be funny and interesting.  Don’t get me wrong I used to LOVE Kelly.  I know the transition could be hard but, when she was with Jerry Seinfeld she fell flat, I felt bad for her. Also, Seinfeld’s dark sarcasm is not what I want to see and hear in the morning! I  am a New Yorker so I am already like that in the morning :-)   I need someone who will   lighten things up! Maybe nobody will be good enough for me – maybe I am going through Regis withdrawal.  All I know is whoever takes the gig will have big shoes to fill.

Side Note: is it me or did Regis and Kelly seem not get along for the last few shows?!  I know they love each other and all…Kelly did seem that she will genuinely miss Regis.  In the past Kelly seemed to humor Regis,  in the last few weeks of the  shows  however, she would try put him down or tried to make him seem dumb.  Was she being passive aggressive?

Do you have any good suggestions for the next co-host?
Do you care?

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