Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Parenting in NYC

Throughout the years I've met people from out of town who have expressed how the city is not a place to raise children. They can' t IMAGINE raising a child here. While they go on and on about how their home state is the best place to raise children, I nod my head with agreement. Meanwhile I am thinking, well I was raised here and I turned out fine. In fact, I can't IMAGINE growing up elsewhere either.

I had many artistic opportunities open to me growing up in the city that I otherwise would not have experienced  growing up elsewhere. From art ( making a mural for the Whitney museum), music ( playing at Carnegie hall), theater ( writing and acting a play at an off Broadway theater- The American place theater).  I was taken to see fantastic shows : the  Nutcracker, the Rockets, Broadway shows, private tours at the Met.

I agree there are  many schools out here that fail in providing children with a challenging curriculum, the learning environment is not the best (crowded, poor resources, lack of sports fields)  but, that does not mean your child will not go to a good college. In fact, my childhood buddy's  went to Harvard, Cornell, Penn etc.   

Then people talk about how dangerous the city is for children. Yes I agree it is dangerous because it's a  very high profile city . We had terrorist attacks, we had high crime rates( things have gotten better) , we have a large number of homeless people and  still have crowded public transportation. We have a lot of people here, rich, poor, famous, infamous, immigrants, even Republicans ( our blue state has some red in it )we have many religious group, tourist, etc.  There is a lot going on here. Being the capital of the world comes with good and bad things. 

NYC is where the biggest business deals are made, celebrities come here to work and play, its the fashion capital of the west,its home to the U.N ,  a true melting pot etc... It's a symbol of the strengths and weakness of America all rolled into one metropolis.  So yes danger  is an adjective associated with living here, but so is adventure, intellect, kindness,  fun & beautiful. Omg I almost forgot the delicious food and great entertainment!

I am not crazy- a nice big house with a yard , pool and swing set sounds wonderful! One day maybe I will move out of here and into the suburbs, but until then- keep your condescending comments about raising your children  in NYC to yourself !

Or in mixed NYC slang:

Don't schlep your a$& over here and come to my hood and bash it! Capish- pendejo! 

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  1. Couldn't agree more!!!! NYC may not be the best place to raise kids but it is a great place to raise kids. The real life lessons that one will learn growing up in NYC will never learn in any other city!!! But then again my opinion may be a bit biased because for me NYC is the best city in the world and I couldn't imagine living anywhere else!!!!