Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Once Upon a Time -LOVE IT!

I've been waiting to write about this show for weeks now! I hesitated because I didn't want to jinx it!   Once Upon a Time has everything that I want from a televised show. An interesting plot, good actors (so far),  beautiful costumes, and fantastic scenery.

The plot is a bit complicated, but the gist is : all of the fairytale characters we read about  as children  are now stuck in our world. They are living ordinary lives  because an evil queen ( she is really evil -not like the play Wicked -where the wicked  witch was actually good)  casted spell on them.  The fairytale characters need a hero to undo the spell. The hero is not what we expect like Prince Charming  - instead it's a hard a$$, tell it like it is -woman.  She is a bail- bonds person- so it makes sense I guess.  The storyline sounds interesting, but will it have you hooked- like your local crackhead on the street searching for the next hit?

The actors are very good! 
The Evil Queen- my God -she is really good and her costume are so cool that I think even Lady Gaga would be jealous :-) Then there's  Rumpelstiltskin- he may be worse than the Evil Witch! He is  so creepy, clever and evil!  He is a great actor and I am little scared of him...then there is Emma the heroine -she is Snow White's daughter( bail bonds lady) . She is tough compared to the other characters so I like her edge. 
Snow White is brave and she did something to the Evil Queen  which got the Queen  more pissed off than Kanye West at an awards ceremony!
Robert Carlyle as Rumpelstiltskin 
Lana Parrilla as the Evil Queen

Jennifer Morrison as Emma
Ginnifer Goodwin as Snow White

This show is not for children, as some of their scenes has sexual inferences, violence and evil ( the Evil Queen killed her own father!)   I like the show because it makes the audience have to match  ordinary people with  a fairy tale character. I also like how the writers puts twists  to every fairy tale story we know. I know some people may say that the story lines do not make sense, but its a fantasy show, so logic is out the window-just let it go- relax! 

Do you like the show?
Who's your favorite character?

BTW: There is a movie called Mirror Mirror about the Evil Queen coming out soon . The Evil Queen is played by Julia Roberts. Looks good for the family.

~Happy New Year!~             

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Parenting in NYC

Throughout the years I've met people from out of town who have expressed how the city is not a place to raise children. They can' t IMAGINE raising a child here. While they go on and on about how their home state is the best place to raise children, I nod my head with agreement. Meanwhile I am thinking, well I was raised here and I turned out fine. In fact, I can't IMAGINE growing up elsewhere either.

I had many artistic opportunities open to me growing up in the city that I otherwise would not have experienced  growing up elsewhere. From art ( making a mural for the Whitney museum), music ( playing at Carnegie hall), theater ( writing and acting a play at an off Broadway theater- The American place theater).  I was taken to see fantastic shows : the  Nutcracker, the Rockets, Broadway shows, private tours at the Met.

I agree there are  many schools out here that fail in providing children with a challenging curriculum, the learning environment is not the best (crowded, poor resources, lack of sports fields)  but, that does not mean your child will not go to a good college. In fact, my childhood buddy's  went to Harvard, Cornell, Penn etc.   

Then people talk about how dangerous the city is for children. Yes I agree it is dangerous because it's a  very high profile city . We had terrorist attacks, we had high crime rates( things have gotten better) , we have a large number of homeless people and  still have crowded public transportation. We have a lot of people here, rich, poor, famous, infamous, immigrants, even Republicans ( our blue state has some red in it )we have many religious group, tourist, etc.  There is a lot going on here. Being the capital of the world comes with good and bad things. 

NYC is where the biggest business deals are made, celebrities come here to work and play, its the fashion capital of the west,its home to the U.N ,  a true melting pot etc... It's a symbol of the strengths and weakness of America all rolled into one metropolis.  So yes danger  is an adjective associated with living here, but so is adventure, intellect, kindness,  fun & beautiful. Omg I almost forgot the delicious food and great entertainment!

I am not crazy- a nice big house with a yard , pool and swing set sounds wonderful! One day maybe I will move out of here and into the suburbs, but until then- keep your condescending comments about raising your children  in NYC to yourself !

Or in mixed NYC slang:

Don't schlep your a$& over here and come to my hood and bash it! Capish- pendejo! 

Friday, December 2, 2011

The GOP - Needs help! Democrats should not feel comfortable!

First I want to admit I have not been following politics like I used to because I am busy raising our bundle of joy. I do pay attention to see if the Grand Old Party has any true contenders.  When the GOP first announced the potential candidates at the beginning of 2011, the contenders on the list  were  laughable – Donald Trump- really! Giuliani needs to realize that nobody cares what you think! Now there are eight candidates:  Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman Jr., Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum.  The first three are controversial so I don’t know how they are they are going to change their image.  Newt Gingrich maybe a favorite for the moment but, hello ...isn’t he a loose cannon- the guy is nuts!  If there is anyone who will give President Obama a run for his money its Mitt Romney.

The democrats need to aggressively focus on getting the house and senate seats, not only getting the President re-elected. The President needs to get his momentum going again and pray for a miracle that the economy take turn for the better over the next six months.  The GOP  will harp on  that the President has failed to address the economy, immigration, health care and something about foreign policy will come up.  I have a feeling it’s going to be a nasty race to the top and the TV networks are going to make millions if not billions covering this election.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Who will Co-Host LIVE with Kelly?

I've been a fan of Live with Regis and Kelly for years. I used to work from 10am -6pm so I had time to see the first few minutes of the show. I have to say those first few minutes put a smile on my face every morning!   Now as a stay at home mom, I was able to enjoy the entire show for about a month but, to my dismay Regis is leaving :-(

The person who is rumored to take over is Tony Danza, according to the Wendy Williams show. Yea I watch that show, it’s good for a hearty dose of gossip and drama. (How you do’in) Anyway, I think that the LIVE show needs someone who has a strong character, is funny and witty to co-host. Also, it’s important the new co-host brings out the best in Kelly b/c recently she has been disappointing. Kelly looks like she is trying too hard to be funny and interesting.  Don’t get me wrong I used to LOVE Kelly.  I know the transition could be hard but, when she was with Jerry Seinfeld she fell flat, I felt bad for her. Also, Seinfeld’s dark sarcasm is not what I want to see and hear in the morning! I  am a New Yorker so I am already like that in the morning :-)   I need someone who will   lighten things up! Maybe nobody will be good enough for me – maybe I am going through Regis withdrawal.  All I know is whoever takes the gig will have big shoes to fill.

Side Note: is it me or did Regis and Kelly seem not get along for the last few shows?!  I know they love each other and all…Kelly did seem that she will genuinely miss Regis.  In the past Kelly seemed to humor Regis,  in the last few weeks of the  shows  however, she would try put him down or tried to make him seem dumb.  Was she being passive aggressive?

Do you have any good suggestions for the next co-host?
Do you care?

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

NYCDOH Health Campaigns- Sugary drinks

Hey everyone!

Have you seen the NYC Department of Health commercials against sugary drinks?   There is one recent TV commercial that was done well. The  commercial message was clear and not gross. In the past some of their health campaigns were a bit too raw, gross- unfortunately that was what some people would remember  about the commercial - instead of the take home message.

Side note:  Good for you mayor Bloomberg for being supportive of these campaigns and not allowing the beverage industry bully you! 

If you ever tried to make the case against sugary beverages to your loved ones  and you get the  "oh please  nobody is gonna die from drinking ..." response.  Well now you don't to say anything ... you can show them the commercial. It may not work but, its worth a try.
Below  are links to two commercials against sugary drinks . One for NYC and the other is for Seattle residents.

 Which video do you like? 
Or do you think these is not the right approach to educate Americans about sugar in their diet? Some people feel that the government should stay out of the people's lives when it comes to their eating habits, do you agree? 
Was this a waste of money?

New York: