Wednesday, November 30, 2011

NYCDOH Health Campaigns- Sugary drinks

Hey everyone!

Have you seen the NYC Department of Health commercials against sugary drinks?   There is one recent TV commercial that was done well. The  commercial message was clear and not gross. In the past some of their health campaigns were a bit too raw, gross- unfortunately that was what some people would remember  about the commercial - instead of the take home message.

Side note:  Good for you mayor Bloomberg for being supportive of these campaigns and not allowing the beverage industry bully you! 

If you ever tried to make the case against sugary beverages to your loved ones  and you get the  "oh please  nobody is gonna die from drinking ..." response.  Well now you don't to say anything ... you can show them the commercial. It may not work but, its worth a try.
Below  are links to two commercials against sugary drinks . One for NYC and the other is for Seattle residents.

 Which video do you like? 
Or do you think these is not the right approach to educate Americans about sugar in their diet? Some people feel that the government should stay out of the people's lives when it comes to their eating habits, do you agree? 
Was this a waste of money?

New York: